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The closest undoubted living relatives of English are Scots and the Frisian languages. Saterland Frisian language is spoken in nearby areas of Germany. North Frisian language is spoken on a few islands in the North Sea. While native English speakers are generally able to read Scots, except for the odd unfamiliar word, Frisian is largely unintelligible though it was much closer to modern English’s predecessors, Middle English and especially Old English. After Scots and Frisian, the next closest relative is modern Low German of the eastern Netherlands and northern Germany, which was the old homeland of the Anglo-Saxon invaders of Britain. Other less closely related living languages include Dutch , Afrikaans , German and the Scandinavian languages. Many French words are also intelligible to an English speaker, as English absorbed a tremendous amount of vocabulary from the Norman language after the Norman conquest and from French in later centuries; as a result, a substantial proportion of English vocabulary is very close to the French, with some slight spelling differences word endings, use of old French spellings, etc. English in Britain and Ireland[ edit ] Main articles:

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Do you need an extensive offline dictionary for your smartphone or tablet that you can use to translate unfamiliar words even abroad or on trains? Do you talk to German friends in your spare time? Do you read or write in German in a wide range of subjects — privately or even professionally?

Unlike the similar EPIK program in Korea, JET teachers do not have to come solely from an English speaking country. Teachers from France, Germany, Brazil, Peru, and many others are welcome. Housing, flights, visas, and insurance are arranged, and approximately native speakers are .

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Germany Startup Jobs is one of the trusted job portals in Germany helping people to find right English and German speaking jobs around Berlin, Munich,Stuttgart,Frankfurt, Deutschland, Germany. .

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The German language is among the top five languages used on the Internet. German is the most widely spoken native language within the EU.

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Information about Germany’s Odenwald Nature Park in English Thursday, 10 August Michelstadt – A Jewel in the Odenwald The lovely town of Michelstadt population 16, , as one of the oldest settlements in the Odenwald, is certainly worth exploring, and visitors can easily spend at least a day there, perhaps also taking time to visit the neighbouring town of Erbach, which is very charming and only three kilometres away. From the Celts to the Franks Michelstadt appears to have a long history, with place-name and archaeological evidence pointing to the fact that the Celts inhabited the area prior to the arrival of the Romans and the Germanic tribes.

At the end of the 1st century, the Roman Emperor Vespasian occupied the area between the Rhine and the Danube, including Michelstadt, creating the Agri Decumantes. Historians dispute whether this term refers to the division of the area into ten districts or whether it refers to a type of tithe system imposed upon the native inhabitants. Regardless of which idea is correct, the area remained under this administration until the construction of the border fortification system known as The Limes, which allowed the Romans to have greater control of the area.

It was after this fortification of the frontier, no later than a.

Hello Maurox54, Auxiliary verbs in English are used in many ways. We use them to make questions, negatives, emphatic forms, progressive forms, perfect forms and passive voice, for example.

You have truly hit upon the nerve of life. I worry about how all the Kardashians are doing every day, all day, and the OP should too. I like accents on women especially and so do lots of people here. You have to listen very carefully to how those with your desired accent are speaking, not just what they are saying.

You also have to spend significant time and effort listening to your own accent and practicing changing it. It is a bit like playing the piano; it does not come naturally or without effort. I am an American and have started binge-watching British panel shows absolutely love Richard Ayoade for the past couple weeks. Even in that short time frame, a couple of my closer friends have commented on how I’m saying a couple words differently, particularly after watching something.

Why is so little German media exported to the English-speaking world ?

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+ Free German Worksheets for Grammar and Vocabulary German is an easy language for native English speakers to learn. Both languages are Western (meaning Germanic) languages, so they have many similarities.

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Be aware of the 19 percent VAT value added tax , and figure out if you or your language school will be taking care of it. German taxes can be complicated, and I would recommend finding an English-speaking tax consultant that is, if English is your native language to help you sort it out. It’ll be worth whatever you pay them, but be wary of their fees as well. In the Classroom Typical schedule Typical? Well, for a freelance ESL teacher, there is no such thing as a typical work week.

You may have to get up at 5am one morning to teach an 8 am class in a far off neighborhood or another city, later that day teach three classes until 9 pm, and then the following morning get up at 6am to teach all day.

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